5.5. Show Fluxpdf

    The Show flux module is used to configure the view of the [Flux View]. The administrator can select a favorite way of statistics display. Following shows a [Config] dialog:

Operation instruction:

  1. In the list [Show Protocol], choose which one to display.
  2. In the frame [Mode], choose which unit is used for measuring.
  3. In the text box [Max Value], enter a digit to display the maximum value.
  4. Press <OK> or <Cancel>.

Additional instruction:

  1. Total flow volume: total of all protocols.
  2. TCP: total of Transmission Control Protocol.
  3. UDP: total of User Datagram Protocol
  4. ICMP: total of Internet Control Message Protocol.
  5. IGMP: total of Internet Group Management Protocol.
  6. In the frame [Mode], "Packet(P)" means flow is measured by a unit of packet; "Byte(K)" means flow is measured by a unit of byte.
  7. The bytes here monitored include not only the TCP, UDP contents, but also Ethernet headers, IP headers and TCP headers.

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