5.14. Redirect to Proxypdf

    This module supports many protocols: DNS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, IMAP, NNTP and so on. This module can cooperate with other common proxy servers and implement transparent proxy service, so that there is no need for the users to configure any proxy settings. This proxy redirection module automatically transports a common proxy into a proxy application in order to implement some kinds of high-level applications: Anti-virus in the gateway, Spam mails filtering and so on. Following shows a [Redirect to Proxy Config] dialog:

Operation instruction:

  1. Select a group which you want to configure in list [Group].
  2. Fill in IP address and port number.
  3. In the [Mode] option, select a redirection mode. In DNS tab, there is only one [Port Redirect] option.
  4. In the [Splitter] blank, select a splitter between "account" and "server". In DNS and HTTP tabs, you do not need to select [Splitter] option.
  5. Please check the [Redirect] option, if you want to redirect the protocol into a proxy server.
  6. Press <OK> or <Cancel>.

Additional instruction:

  1. In the [IP] blank, please do not use IP address must be recognizable by other computers in LAN.
  2. [IP], [Port], [Mode] and [Splitter] are global parameters. It means that if you modify IP address, port number, redirect mode, splitter in one group, it will affect all groups.
  3. <Active Wall> must locate between LAN and the proxy server. Otherwise the module does not work.
  4. Redirect mode should match the proxy server configuration. Common proxy servers support proxy mode. Some transparent proxy servers can support port redirect mode, for example, http port redirection can work with SQUID transparent proxy mode.
  5. Splitters should be defined according to the configuration of the proxy server. Take POP3 protocol as an instance, the original accountant is "user", pop3 server name is pop.server.com. If the proxy server defines a way that users in client should change account to user#pop.server.com, then the splitter should be "#".
  6. When this filtering module starts, the client does not configure any proxy servers. This module can redirect all the data in client to proxy server in order to visit internet.

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