5.14. P2P Filterpdf

    P2P filter module can detect and filter most of encrypted or not encrypted P2P protocols, include BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella and more. Following shows the [P2P Filter Config] dialog:

Operation instruction:

  1. Select a group which you want to configure in list [Group].
  2. Select a policy in option [If p2p connection is detected, apply policy].
  3. Press <OK> or <Cancel>.

Additional instruction:

  1. P2P filtering module detect p2p protocols by high port connections. If the high port connections of a computer exceed a defined value, it will be regard as p2p connections.
  2. Some p2p software support proxy or HTTP/HTTPS tunneling. In order to completely deny p2p software, it is recommended that you should configure other modules with p2p filter together. Please enable [Deny http proxy tunnel] option in HTTP filter. Enable [Deny https proxy tunnel] and [Deny server without certificate] options in HTTPS filter.

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