5.15. Log to Filespdf

    This module can export all the log files into hard disk, including all the records functioned by the policies of all the filtering modules. Following shows a [Log to Files Config] dialog:

Operation instruction:

  1. In the [Log cache size] blank, fill up a number.
  2. Press <Browse> to direct a path where to save the log.
  3. Press <OK> or <Cancel>.

Additional instruction:

  1. [Log cache size]: This number represents the maximum of the event records in the cache, is 100 by default. A bigger number will cost more memory, while a smaller number will lead to low performance because of too many operations in hard disk I/O.
  2. [Save to directory]: The directory is an absolute one which the log file will be stored in. This module will create a file to save the log every day.

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