5.12. IM Filterpdf

    The IM filter module works on IM, P2P software including MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC, Jabber, BitTorrent, eDonkey and so on. Following shows a [IM Filter Config] dialog:

Operation instruction:

  1. Select a group which you want to configure in list [Group].
  2. Select an item in the IM list, select a policy, and then press <Update>. When the computers in this group use a soft which matches this item, the policy will be applied.
  3. Press <OK> or <Cancel>.

Additional instruction:

  1. The IM filtering module works based on ports, domain names or IP lists which all the IM soft uses.
  2. Much IM soft supports proxy or HTTP tunneling. In order to deny an IM user, it is recommended that you should configure the Port filter, HTTP filter and IM filter module together.
  3. Since the IM soft upgrades gradually, this filter needs upgrading as well to filter all the IM communications.

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