5.1. Authorizationpdf

    The authorization function requests correct usernames and passwords to visit Internet. <Active Wall> supports several ways of authorization:

  1. IIS based authorization, Windows integrated authorization, digest authorization.
  2. Apache based, Netscape based, kinds of web servers authorizations.
  3. Web page authorization like ASP, PHP, CGI, Java, .NET.
  4. Customized authorization C/S based.

Operation Instruction:

  1. Select a group which you want to configure in list [Group].
  2. Enter the server IP address and port number.
  3. Check [Enable Authorization] option, which means this group needs to be authorized; if not checked, this group do not need.
  4. Press <OK> or <Cancel> to save the configuration or cancel.

Additional instruction:

  1. [Server IP]: the server's IP address which does the authorization, but it can not be, it must be recognizable by other computers in LAN.
  2. [Port]: the server's port number used for authorization usually is set to 80.
  3. [Server IP] and [Port] are global parameters. Once the server's IP address or port number is changed, all groups will be authorized in a new server.
  4. The computers in LAN should go through the gateway configured by <Active Wall> before a successful authorization.
  5. Authorization server configuration: since there are many ways of authorization, which can not be listed here, for details please visit our support forum.
Tip: Try not to use static web page in case that IE cache prevents <Active Wall> detecting correct data packets for authorization.

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